Municipal Representation (City Attorney)

Municipal Representation (City Attorney)

Due to limited resources, smaller communities frequently outsource for city attorney representation rather than maintain lawyers on staff. This increases opportunities for small town lawyers but cities are not always assured of the quality of representation.

Brent Kelly Law offers the quality representation that cities require. We have served as city attorneys before all over north central Nebraska and Holt County. With an office in Atkinson, we are near the county seat of O’Neill which makes us available for many county and municipal assignments.

With our city attorney representation services, we frequently provided the following:

  • Ordinance Preparation – Research, drafting, and proposing new ordinances to serve developing city interests.
  • Meetings – Sitting with city officials as they hold meetings with citizens, developers and other interested parties seeking a podium for their concerns.
  • Answering legal questions – Facing a current or potential legal matter? Just have a quick question? We can be available to provide answers and further guidance.
  • Compliance issues – Compliance with requirements, ordinances, and regulations can affect many areas including water, public works, zoning, and services like police and fire protection. We can guide municipalities to solutions.

At Brent Kelly Law, we understand that representing municipalities takes a different approach from private clients. Matters are often more public and need to be handled with sensitivity. If there are parties disputing an action, statements and approaches can be taken out of context. With our background in these issues and understanding of the municipality role, we will not only provide legal guidance but also balance the involved interests so your city can maintain a good image.

If your Holt County or other Nebraska town requires city attorney representation, contact Brent Kelly Law. We can find the strategy you require to help your city government run smoothly.