Brent Kelly Law, LLC provides legal services for all of your family business needs. This most commonly includes exciting matters like real estate transactions, estate plan updates, and other business representations. However, when life throws you a curve ball, you will need us to provide guidance on important matters. With expansive litigation experience, we are poised to help you navigate the rough waters that might come your way due to unsuspecting legal issues. With in-house experience in conjunction with associations with some of the best litigation attorneys in the Midwest, we are ready to be your first option. We will help guide you down the right path so that you can navigate the complicated legal world. Whether we represent you, or we associate with a colleague, let us help you.

Real Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, even the best-planned land transactions can result in real estate litigation. Brent Kelly Law drafts and manages many land transactions but also remain ready to negotiate and litigate land conflicts that arise. While we do not like to say disagreement is inevitable, it is unfortunately common in the real estate sphere.

Land disputes can compromise value, limit use, and cause headaches for landowners overall as they tend to cause stress and fear. When facing them, it is best to delegate the matter to an attorney to provide skilled handling and resolution without excessive cost.

Matters in real estate litigation often involve:

  • Residential, commercial, & land evictions
  • Judicial & non-judicial foreclosure, including foreclosure defense as well as instigation
  • Boundary & fencing disputes
  • Construction & lien foreclosures
  • Quiet title actions

Each contentious real estate matter is taken at individual concern. We will provide thorough research into each side of the claim and use our knowledge to determine the best course of action.

If we conclude you have no cause of action or need to settle quickly, we will be honest about that assessment as well as zealously advocate for your side when the evidence is right. You can rely on our thoroughness, but also know that you will receive a candid assessment at all stages of litigation.

When facing a lawsuit or needing to file one, there are time limits involved that could compromise your claim. It is best to contact a lawyer as soon as you realize there is an issue. If you are struggling with current or probable real estate litigation, contact Brent Kelly Law in Atkinson as soon as possible.

Criminal Defense Representation

Whether it is DUI, a felony or misdemeanor, facing criminal charges is a serious matter that is often frightening. Defendants feel at the mercy of the court and add in a lack of familiarity, and the matter becomes that much more overwhelming.

Even if you arise from charges with your freedom intact, there are still impacts on your future. Employment and housing are just two areas affected by criminal charges. That is why you need a strong criminal defense from Brent Kelly Law. We know Holt County and how to negotiate with judges and prosecutors. Our job is to ensure your fair treatment when you face criminal allegations. This is definitely not a realm you wish to face on your own.
Time Is Of The Essence
Often not as exciting as portrayed on television, criminal law is heavily procedural and reliant on timelines. Missing a deadline increases your chances of worst punishments, including long jail sentences.

Legal experience at your side means your case is handled effectively and efficiently. We will answer all inquiries, make needed record requests, and watch deadlines to complete all needed filings. Our job is to use our expertise to give you the best chance possible of avoiding prosecution.
Compassion & Competence
Brent Kelly Law does not judge but focuses on listening to your side of the story. We will examine all the events that took place during arrest and booking, so we can determine whether your constitutional rights were violated. All reports by police officers and witnesses receive a thorough review of bias and inconsistency.  As the prosecutor’s burden is to prove your charges beyond a reasonable doubt, the holes in your case can set you free. Incomplete information is an effective bargaining tactic to dismiss charges or downgrade them substantially.

Time is not on your side in criminal law and the court surely is not on your side either. Contact our office as soon as possible.

Auto Accidents

Hiring an attorney to handle your auto accident is not about greed. It is no different than hiring any other professional to add efficiency to your everyday life. When you are facing the overwhelming burdens of being injured in an auto accident, there are enough stressors without having to also worry about insurance claims.

Brent Kelly Law can act as an intermediary between you and other parties involved in your accident while you recover. Being in a rural environment, most of our clients work physical labor and injuries from someone else’s negligence can be economically devastating in both the short and long run. We see it as our job to make this process of recovery as non-eventful as possible so you can get back to your regular routine.

Whether you are facing inconvenient, but painful, soft tissue injuries or looking at a long-term recovery, our law firm can provide the following services for auto accident negotiation and litigation:

  • Insurance company contact, to keep them posted on progress and discuss settlement terms;
  • Accident investigation, for those times the cause and fault are disputed
  • Medical records collection, so we can build your case
  • Contact with debt collectors, if you incur large medical bills due to your injuries

Even the smallest accidents are considered worthy of our full attention. We will give our full attention to each claim as we know it weighs on you. Our goal is an effective resolution that fairly compensates you.

Your focus needs to be on your medical recovery—not the drama that often surrounds an accident claim. Even if your injuries are not serious, you still need time for work, family, and for a better result and peace of mind for you.

Require help with an auto accident? Contact our office today and schedule an appointment at any one of our convenient locations.

Divorce Representation

Most people get married expecting the partnership to last forever. That is why when the marriage fails to work out, it becomes so hurtful for all involved. Add child custody to this already-volatile mix, and the impacts can go far deeper.

Divorce can cause long-term emotional and financial impacts that will become much worse if mishandled on the legal end. Hiring Brent Kelly Law is about looking out for your interests so you can move forward with your life. Each case is handled with compassion, understanding, and a clear mind that remains results-oriented even when your pain makes decision-making difficult.
Why get an attorney?
Hiring an attorney may seem like the sure way to start a fight when in fact, it meets two important objectives.

First, you have an advocate through one of the most difficult transitions of your life. It is impossible for any layperson to understand all nuances of family law and you risk sacrificing rights not within your knowledge. While this may ease conflict in the short term, it can escalate into further pain in the future.

Second, you also have a voice of reason when times are tough and your reactions are prone to be more emotional than reasonable. We can talk you out of bad decisions and also guide you through Nebraska family law to see options and hope where you would otherwise not expect them.
Brent Kelly Law For Thorough Divorce Representation
Every divorce is different but normally involves the same issues:

  • Custody of minor children
  • Visitation
  • Child & spousal support
  • Property division
  • Resolving family debts

Our first goal is to find an amicable solution to your conflicts. This is possible when parties hire competent counsel who keeps everyone calm and informed. However, if this all becomes impossible to resolve, we are also ready to fight for you in court.

Moving on from divorce relies primarily on effective conflict management. Having an intermediary as your advocate and advisor is the best way to ensure that approach. Contact our office today to learn how we can help!